Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Braun Series 3 Combi 31S Foil and Cutter Replacement Pack (Formerly 5000/6000)

Braun Series 3 Combi 31S Foil and Cutter Replacement Pack (Formerly 5000/6000)Replacement Part
Braun 31S Series 3/5000/6000 Series Foil and Cutter cartridge.
Replacement parts for Braun's 3 Series 31S & 5000/6000 Contour & Flex Integral. Model: 5790, 5895, 5897
To maintain optimal shaving performance you should clean the shaving parts regularly with Braun cleaning agents and consider replacing the foil and cutterblock every 18 months.
Product Features
Foil and cutterblock.
Fit's Braun Contour, Flex XP & Flex Integral range of shavers.
Blades should be replaced every eighteen months.
Replacing your blade gives a 25% better shave. For optimum performance, clean regularly.
Brings back 100% performance.
Did you know that a man shaves the area of f an 18-hole golf course in just 18 months?
Braun shavers belong to the most reliable of electrical appliances. Nonetheless, the cutting parts - cutter foil and cutter block - are inevitably subject to wear because they work together similarly to the two parts of a pair of scissors.
Not a surprise after such extended top performance: after 18 months you have already shaved an area the size of an 18-hole golf course with these two cutter components. So, it's high time to replace them - so that your shaver can give you 100% performance again!

Price: $29.49

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