Monday, July 18, 2011

The Iditarod (A P2 HD Success Story)

Alaska's Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is an ultra challenging, 1,150-mile marathon. For the first time, the Iditarod was documented in HD with Panasonic P2 HD camcorders and mobile recorders. P2 HD's ultra-fast workflow and solid-state reliability allowed the Iditarod to create pristine HD content, which appeared on their web set within minutes after an event happened, despite horrific weather conditions like wind chills down to 60 below zero. Go behind the scenes for an insider's view of the race's many facets, from the weather conditions to the video crews.


Footage shot specifically with the AG-HVX200 handheld and AG-HPX500 and AJ-HPX2000 P2 HD camcorders. This footage can be viewed by installing the P2 Contents Manager Software (on this DVD) onto your computer, copying folders labeled with the respective camera model number to your computer hard drive, and clicking on a folder. Use Windows Explorer on the PC or the Finder on the Mac to locate these files on the DVD.


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