Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spy Net: Flex Neck Snake Cam

Spy Net: Flex Neck Snake CamConnect to SpyNet™ Video Watch, Delivers Live Video Feed to Your Watch Screen
See Around Corners!
Requires SpyNet™ Video Watch (sold separately)
Hide camera in buttonhole for stealth recording
Camera bends around corners & walls
Flex Neck design for extreme maneuvering
Plug in and record with SpyNet™ Video Watch... Stealthily record... and view on your SpyNet™ Video watch (sold separately)
Mini USB Port connect to SpyNet™ Video Watch, or your computer (not Mac compatible)
Use as a webcam with the USB connector
1 Snake Cam
1 Dongle
1 3D Spy Card
Contents may vary in style, color, shape and decoration from images shown due to continuing product improvements.
Questions or comment? 1-877-875-2557
No batteries required.
Made in China

Price: $29.99

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